Donnelly for Town of Vestal Councilman

Stephen Donnelly

It’s Time for a New Voice in Vestal

Why am I running?

In my career as president of my marketing and communications firm, Stephen Donnelly & Associates, I interact on a daily basis with local business owners, municipalities, lawmakers and residents. I’ve heard their feedback for years and I am committed to making Vestal a better place for both businesses and residents, growing the local economy and mitigating tax burdens.

My job has always been to develop innovative strategies and new ideas, and I’m excited to bring those skills to local government.

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I believe that local government truly makes a difference, and addressing the issues our friends and neighbors are concerned and passionate about is the next step for a brighter future.

Here are a few of the issues I plan to tackle in office

Fiscal responsibility

As a business owner, I know how to look at the dollars and cents and determine how funds can be better allocated.

Business climate

The cost of doing business in New York State is exorbitant, but Vestal, as the commercial center of Broome County, should be a place where businesses want to be.

Responsible zoning

Though I’m pro-business, I also understand that residents deserve the sanctity of their residential neighborhoods, and that doesn’t include businesses or college developments.

Tax reform

Tax rates for both homes and businesses in Vestal are driving away potential residents and employers; we need to mitigate this to grow our community.